Friday, 27 January 2023
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Funzietown Web Comic

Back around 2008 - 2010 or so I did a webcomic that was meant to be for kids, but whose storyline grew kind of dark.

It was called Funzietown and was centered on the fictional island of that name.

The main characters were Emily and Captain Funzie. They embark on a search of the island to find her lost dog, Flapjack.

I created this comic because I wanted to create a math practice game for my daughter. She loved animals so I wanted to incorporate a mechanic where you rescue dogs by solving math problems.

Since I was too cheap to pay an artist to create graphics, I bought some books on drawing and did it myself. I then started the comic as an intro to the game.

My daughter told me tonight that this is problaby the most lore ever created for a math practice game.

Saddly the game was created with Microsoft Silverlight, a technology that they eventually killed off…

You can also see through the run of the comic that I tried different techniques ranging from ink and nib pen to ink and brush and finally drawing pens. I was trying to speed my process since it would take me a couple of days to create each three panel strips.

Here is the archive. I hope someone enjoys it. If you want to show it to your kids, remember it's rated D for Dark…

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