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12/17/2011 jeffa

Galactic Beacon is an anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy with non-fiction essays and comics.

The website contains comics, blog entries and occasionally stories and essays that have appeared in the anthology.

Galactic Beacon is published as an ePeriodical on Kindle, ePub and WebOS.

The man with the plan here is Jeff Ammons, a Developer/DBA/Writer/Cartoonist/TimeTraveler/Lunatic who lives near Atlanta, GA.

You can follow Jeff on Twitter to find out when new content is published here.

You can also check out his other blog for programming related posts and occasional insanity.

You can check out his comic for kids: Funzietown.

He also runs a user group for programmers called GGMUG.


Albert, Lord Graspington

Albert, Lord Graspington lives in a brown, lifeless region of England whose soil was so over farmed by his noble ancestors that not so much as a weed has grown there since 1830.

Fortunately the Graspingtons had squeezed enough money from their peasants to invest in the local coal mines at the very outset of the industrial revolution. What their predecessors had done to the rich river plain, this new crop of Graspingtons did to the surrounding hills. By the mid 20th century the hills were as exhausted as the plains, but thankfully their fortune was made.

The current Lord Graspington has decided to "mine the ore of our collective heritage: Literature".

Albert lives in the family castle with his wife, twelve Irish wolfhounds (who can certainly be quite the handful!) and an assortment of servants.